Our Story

The story begins in Perth, where Malcolm Steinberg founded the Indoor Amusement Games Company (later to be known as LAI Group) with a handful of pinball machines. He saw an opportunity to change people’s perception about arcades and opened the first Timezone on Murray Street in 1978, giving birth to the first Family Entertainment Centre.

The company’s vision and technology allowed it to expand into untapped Asian markets, starting with Singapore, then Indonesia, the Philippines, India and, most recently, Vietnam. Timezone’s growth continued and by 2017 was present in 6 countries with over 200 family entertainment centres. In Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam we work with key strategic partners in Corporate joint ventures.

In November 2017, Quadrant Private Equity acquired 50% equity in the Timezone Group. This led to the formation of the entity, TEEG, The Entertainment and Education Group, a joint venture between Quadrant Private Equity and LAI Group. TEEG subsequently acquired all assets of Ardent’s Bowling and Entertainment division, gaining access to new brands and leisure experiences for customers across Australia and New Zealand.

TEEG’s strategy is to invest substantial growth capital across Australia, New Zealand and Asia to capitalize on the rapid growth of the entertainment and early education sectors that are benefiting from emerging middle markets and growing consumer spending in those regions.

Group Timeline

1978 – The first Timezone opens in Perth
1992 – Timezone in New Zealand is established
1993 – Timezone in Singapore opens
1995 – Timezone expands into Indonesia
1998 – Timezone opens in the Philippines
2006 – Timezone opens in India in Mumbai
2014 – IAPPA Best FEC in the World awarded to Timezone Surfers Paradise
Nov 2017 – LAI Group partners with Quadrant PE to form TEEG
Dec 2017 – TEEG purchases Ardent’s Bowling and Entertainment division
Jan 2018 – TEEG acquires full ownership of business in New Zealand
Feb 2018 – TEEG owns 100% of India business
Feb 2018 – Timezone in Vietnam opens
Jun 2018 – Timezone Play ‘N Learn opens its first venue in Indonesia
Dec 2019 – TEEG opens its 300th venue
Sep 2021 - Timezone launches its 1st mobile app
Apr 2023 – TEEG owns 100% of Indonesia business



TEEG operates over 343 Family Entertainment Centres, spanning 7 Countries across the Asia Pacific region with its largest footprint in Australia, showcasing Timezone, Kingpin and Zone Bowling venues. In Asia, Indonesia boasts the largest number of venues with close to 90 Timezone and Play 'N' Learn venues spread across the country.


Largest footprint with 86 Timezone centres including Zone Bowling and Kingpin locations.


Over 70 Timezone and Play 'N' Learn venues across 9 cities.


Close to 90 locations across the country, showcasing Timezone and Play 'N' Learn brands.

New Zealand

18 Timezone and Zone Bowling venues including 1 Kingpin in Queenstown.


Established for more than 20 years, with close to 50 Timezone and Play 'N' Learn venues across the country. 


Timezone is present in 16 locations, including the latest launch of its largest venue in the heart of the city at Orchard Xchange.


The latest expansion in the region, currently at 11 locations, with the first Timezone opened in February 2018.

Awards and Accolades

We operate strong, prominent brands that consistently deliver high quality experiences to our millions of customer across Asia Pacific.
With over 40 years of operational excellence under our belt, our brands and centres have gained significant recognition and accolades across the markets in which we operate. A selection of these awards are outlined below.

Most Admired Emerging Retail Brand of the Year

INDIA 2023

Awarded to Timezone India

Indonesia Customer Service Quality (ICSQ) Award


Awarded to Timezone Indonesia

AAMA Industry Hall of Fame

USA 2023

Awarded to Malcolm Steinberg, the first non-American recipient

People’s Choice Entertainment Venue

Australia 2020, 2021 & 2022

Awarded to Kingpin Canberra

Excellence in Integrated Marketing


Awarded to Timezone Indonesia

Top Brand for Gen Z


Awarded to Timezone Indonesia

Excellence in COVID-19 Related Campaign


Timezone Indonesia

Top Brand for Kids


Awarded to Timezone Indonesia

IAAPA Best FEC in the World - Finalist

USA 2022

Awarded to Kingpin Queenstown

Social Media Award


Awarded to Timezone Indonesia

Service Quality Award


Awarded to Timezone Indonesia

Top Brand For Teen


Awarded to Timezone Indonesia

Best Entertainment Award

INDIA 2017

Awarded to Timezone India

Sydney Design Award – Interior Design: Hospitality

Australia 2017

Awarded to Kingpin North Strathfield

Melbourne Design Award – Interior Design: Hospitality

Australia 2017

Awarded to Kingpin Crown

Superbrands Philippines


Awarded to Timezone Philippines

IAAPA Best FEC in the World

USA 2014

Awarded to Timezone Surfers Paradise

Superbrands Singapore Choice


Awarded to Timezone Singapore

AAMA Lifetime Achievement Award

USA 2009

Awarded to Malcolm Steinberg, the first non-American recipient

Creating a journey of learning through play

Timezone Play N’ Learn creates a journey of learning moments while making fun memories for children aged 0-7 years, providing the ideal environment for learning through play. Each location consists of specially designed zones aimed to encourage children to discover interest, hone creativity, explore the world and reinvent play to help develop physical, cognitive, social and motor skills.

The centres promote bonding time between parent and child during play, where kids get to learn from their parents and parents get to play with their kids. Safety and comfort are key focus areas for Timezone Play N Learn, where parents can rest assured that their children are enjoying themselves in a secured environment.


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